Are You Ready to Decrease Turnover and Increase Profitability?


"Sydne is engaging, credible and fun but best of all she leaves you motivated and empowered to make immediate and positive improvements as a leader. We will have her back again."

- Bryan Griffith, Project Manager, Granite Construction

Let’s Create Cultures by Design, Not Default

Now more than ever before, organizations are struggling to attract and retain the top talent they need for continued success. Through her keynotes, retreats, and workshops, Sydne Jacques, CSP, shares the secret to not only retaining your employees but energizing and motivating them to be enthusiastic fans that actively promote your business.

Leading the Retention Revolution

Three Keys to Reduce Turnover and Boost Profitability

Join the Retention Revolution, where you will discover the formula to help you create cultures where people want to stay.

In this presentation, you will:

  • Examine the 5 anchors to building an organizational culture
  • Identify and understand the mindset shift that every leader must embrace in order to reduce turnover
  • Construct the next steps for each leader and the organization as a whole to disrupt the current pattern of turnover

The Trust Edge – Leading with Greater Influence and Trust

8 Pillars for Driving Business Results by Increasing Trust with Customers, Team Members, and Stakeholders

Trust is the leading indicator of an organization's success and the lack of trust is a huge expense, leading to numerous surface-level problems that consume massive amounts of time, energy, and resources. In this keynote Sydne reveals the 8 pillars for building trust to lead with greater influence.

In this presentation, you will:

  • Explore the 8 Pillars for Building Trust and driving business results
  • Learn to actively build trust to achieve great efficiency, increased performance, lower stress, and improved morale.
  • Be empowered to lead with greater influence and trust

Bridging the Generation & Communication Gaps

To Engage and Ignite Your Entire Leadership Team

The great retirement is just around the corner; In twenty years, the majority of your workforce will be gone. Now is the time to attract the next generation of labor by creating a company culture by design through an employee-driven team process..

In this presentation, you will:

  • Learn to bridge the generation gap to attract the next generation of labor while the current generation is still available to train and mentor.
  • Learn to bridge the intergenerational communication gap by leveraging the Living Large Communication Model
  • Discover a 5-step process leaders can use to develop better influence with their younger employees (But it works with the old ones too).
Sydne is a unique thought leader in our industry. She is always energizing, fun, and motivating. We appreciate the work Sydne has done within UDOT, helping us to build higher levels of trust and improved communication.

 Michelle Page – District Engineer at Utah Department of Transportation

Women’s Leadership

In a male-dominated industry, it’s essential to recruit, develop, and retain female employees. In this session, Sydne will work with your female leaders to help them find their voice, contribute at a higher level, and see a future for themselves in this industry.

In this presentation, you will:

  • Establish their “Personal Brand” to increase confidence and better serve your clients and your team.
  • Diverse teams are stronger teams; by giving women a voice, you have a better output. This session will support women in speaking up, sharing their ideas, and claiming their talk time in meetings.
  • 5 elements to retain female talent. Learn how to create a better work environment to attract and retain female employees and leaders.

TEDxSaltLakeCity: "College or Trade School, Why There Isn't One Path to Success".

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

In this presentation:

  • Sydne Jacques, a civil engineer, brings passion and appreciation to the skilled labor industry and asks us to consider trade school as a viable alternative to the traditional path to success: college.
  • She convincingly makes the case for respecting those who build things, and encouraging students who don’t fit the traditional college model to learn carpentry or plumbing or cosmetology or culinary skills.
Watch the full TEDx Talk