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Together Let’s Create Employee-Centric Cultures Where People Want to Stay

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), losing a typical salaried employee can cost an organization up to $40,000 to recruit, hire, and train a suitable replacement.

But the true cost of attrition goes much deeper, negatively impacting company culture, productivity, employee engagement, and ultimately your customer experience.

While employees report leaving organizations for a variety of reasons, I absolutely know for sure that employees don’t leave jobs. They leave leaders who they don’t trust and cultures where they don’t want to continue working.

Hi. I’m Sydne Jacques.

It’s time for your company to be at the forefront of the Retention Revolution, where you will learn to not only retain your employees, but energize and motivate them to be enthusiastic fans that actively promote your business.

Which is why I am so passionate about creating employee-centric cultures by design — not default.

Whether you are a Company Executive, HR Director, Chief People Officer, or a team member interested in learning how to create a culture where employees are satisfied, loyal and eager to promote your brand — don’t miss this game-changing event!


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 Join us at the next Retention Revolution happening December 12th - 13th 2023.

Retreat Topics Include

Create Your Cultural Blueprints

You have a strategic plan and an operations plan, but do you have a CULTURE plan? The Culture Blueprint is the perfect guide to implementing the most important elements of a culture by design.

Your blueprint will help you build the culture you envision. It will be tied to specific, actionable items that help you and your team:

  • Cascade communications from top to bottom of your organization.
  • Enhance the customer experience for current and potential clients.
  • Engage your employees to increase productivity and innovation.
  • Build company culture through an employee-driven team process.
  • Create brand ambassadors who stay and attract others.

Become a More Trusted Leader

Sydne is a certified facilitator with the Trust Edge Institute and is excited to help you learn how to build more trust with your employees, clients, subcontractors and suppliers.

A lack of trust is your biggest expense. Trust can be your most vulnerable weakness or your greatest asset. If your employees don't trust you, you'll lose your influence and they'll leave.

Sydne helps you implement the The Eight Pillars of Trust (Clarity, Compassion, Character, Comptency, Commitment, Connection, Contribution and Consistency) based on 30 years of research and extensive experience working with over 500 different teams and top government agencies around the globe. She will teach you strategies that increase alignment, overcome attrition, and help you clearly execute your top priorities.

Create Your Cultural Blueprints


  • Financial
  • Flexibility
  • Food
  • Fulfillment
  • Fun
  • Future 

Join us as we deep dive into each of these areas and create a specific plan for your organization. Together we will create a strategy to utilize these elements in your culture plan in a way that will differentiate your company from the competition!

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