Power Women


After working over two decades in the engineering and construction world Sydne decided to create a leadership program specifically for women. The Power Women program has been well received by many different organizations. Participants love Sydne’s high-energy, interactive approach and practical tools.

Two of the most popular sections of the program are:
Creating Your Personal Brand

Sydne motivates participants to become more intentional about how they show up and to create more of a presence by creating a strong personal brand. One exercise she performs is to have all participants select three words to describe themselves. Sydne is inspiring to her audience as they can see she  models her words of being Happy, High-Energy and Adding Value to her audience.


Becoming a More Powerful Leader

Sydne teaches participants how to empower themselves through her power packed model of POWER.

P = Presence

O= Optimism

W= With Intention

E= Energy

R = Resilience



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